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The nature of resistance to Neonectria ditissima in apple species

Project Lead

Dr. Richard Harrison

People Working on Project

Ms. Amanda Karlström

Dr. Charlotte F. Nellist

Project description

This BBSRC funded project, in collaboration with Worldwide Fruit, aims to elucidate the genetic basis of resistance to the necrotrophic fungal pathogen, Neonectria ditissima, the causal agent of European apple canker disease.  Most modern apple (Malus x domestica) varieties are susceptible and there is poor chemical control of canker in the trees due to the systemic nature of the disease.  It has been shown that N. ditissima is often present in the nursery plants from a young age and that both the rootstock and scion can be infected but remain asymptomatic for long periods of time.  Previous work in the group has investigated the variation in N. ditissima, specifically exploring the molecular basis of pathogenicity in N. ditissima-Malus interactions.

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