Dr. Dan Mulvihill graduated in genetics from the University of London in 1994, whereupon he embarked upon a joint Ph.D. in the labs of Prof. Iain Hagan (University of Manchester) and Prof. David Glover FRS (University of Cambridge) studying Plo1, the fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe) homologue of the Polo cell cycle kinase. He then undertook a 4-year postdoc in the lab of Prof. Jerry Hyams (University College London) where he continued using the fission yeast model system but this time studying the function of the actin associated motor proteins or myosins. In 2003 he was awarded a BBSRC David Phillips Fellowship and moved to the University of Kent to continue research on these conserved molecular motor proteins. He is currently a senior lecturer within the University of Kent School of Biosciences and researchers within his lab use a variety of cross-discipline approaches to elucidate how differences in the kinetic and physical properties of myosin, as well as a number of other components of the actin cytoskeleton, relate to these proteins cellular functions within the S. pombe cell.


Contact: D.P.Mulvihill@kent.ac.uk

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Dr. Dan Mulvihill

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