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Prof. Dan Mulvihill

The spatial and temporal organisation of cellular components is crucial for the viability and function of all living cells. Many molecules have a dynamic distribution, allowing them to interact with different proteins at distinct cellular locations at different times, depending upon the needs of the cell. The precise characterisation of a molecule’s dynamic cellular location and how this is affected by changes in its internal and the extracellular environments is therefore crucial for understanding its function and regulation.


The focus of research in Dan Mulvihill’s lab is to develop an understanding of how intracellular organization changes in response to the needs and environment of the living cell. His research group study the regulation and function of dynamic cellular components of the actin-myosin cytoskeleton in growing and dividing cells, and identifying the signaling pathways that modulate these processes. Through a combination of cellular, molecular, genetic and biochemical approaches his group is uncovering new regulatory pathways and functions of the actomyosin cytoskeleton. He is Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology and is also Head of School of Biosciences. He has held both a BBSRC David Phillips Research Fellowship, and a Royal Society Industry fellowship, where he worked with industry to develop novel rapid live-cell microscopy techniques. 



Visit Dan's page on the University of Kent website​


Lab members

PhD student - Mrs Nya Allen

Nya is working on a project jointly supervised by Dan and Dr Jennifer Hiscock (School of Physical Sciences) to develop and characterise a novel set of supramolecular antimicrobial compounds.

Dr. Karen Baker - PDRA

Karen's research project is focusing on the regulation and function of myosin motor proteins. She is always keen to find any excuse to use the lab live cell imaging systems to study biological phenomenon.

Dr. Tara Eastwood - PDRA

Tara is currently developing novel ways to simplify methods for isolating proteins off interest from lab culture. She is working with industrial partners to enhance recombinant protein production and purification systems.


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